How to Start your Own Money Making Pig Farming in Nigeria in 2018.

Pig farming in Nigeria is becoming very popular day by day. It is a wonderful business idea and very profitable. You can get return of your total investment within very short time. Pig farming is very easy and pig meat has a huge global market and demand. This is the main reason of attracting farmers in this business in Nigeria especially recently. The economy of Nigeria is mostly dependent on agribusiness. And various types of agribusiness related to agriculture sector are contributing much to the national income and total economy of Nigeria. Along with traditional business ideas, pig farming in Nigeria can play an important role in eradicating unemployment, poverty, nutrition lacking and many more. By raising pigs commercially, you can both fulfill your family nutrition demands and earn some extra cash

Advantages of Pig Farming in Nigeria

There are many advantages of pig farming in Nigeria. Here I am describing the main advantages of commercial pig farming business in Nigeria.
• The reproduction period and system of pig is faster than any other livestock like cattle or goats.
• Pig can convert more energy/nutrient into protein and as a result they grow faster than cattle, goats or other livestock animals.
• Pigs can survive and produce more by consuming little amount of low quality foods. You can feed them roughage, kitchen garbage, agricultural waste etc. for the purpose of reducing feeding cost.
• Need less amount of investment. Although, investment depends on the size of your farm.
• Many Nigerians are experiencing malnutrition problem due to absence of sufficient protein in their regular food. By raising pigs, we can meet up this demand.
• A large amount of daily necessary protein derives from plant and a little amount from animals. Animal protein is very essential for human body because of it’s high biological value and contains the building stones for good health and proper growth. By raising pigs, we can easily meet up this demand.
• A sow generally give birth of piglets twice a year. Each time they give birth of 10 piglets (sometimes more). And the gestation period is not more than 115 days. So, you can go for large scale commercial production within very short time if you start with few pigs.
• Weather condition and geographical location of Nigeria is very suitable for pig farming.
• Very profitable business idea with great ROI (Return of Investment) ratio.


1. Suitable Land and Accessible plane Land

Before starting pig farming business in Nigeria, you must have to acquire a suitable land. The size or area of the land will depend on the scale of your pig farming business. The more pigs you want to raise, the more land will required. Divide the land into several plots. This will help you to raise different aged pigs separately. It will be better, if you can select a land far from the residential areas. Calm and quiet place will be very effective. While selecting land for pig farming business in Nigeria, keep in mind some necessary facilities.
• Sufficient supply of fresh and clean water in the farm area. It would be better if there any pond, lake or other water source available.
• The selected area will be very near to the market.
• Good transportation systems.
• Far from the residential area.
• Foods are available near the farm land.
• Availability of all types of veterinary service

2. Selecting/Buying Breeds

After selecting a suitable farm land, it is very important to select proper pig breeds/piglets. Because, profitability from pig farming in Nigeria mostly depends on selecting proper piglets. You can choose both local and hybrid piglets. For commercial purpose crossbreed of exotic and local breeds are very suitable.

This types of crossbreed pigs consume more feed, grow faster and become healthier than other available breeds. There are various types of crossbreeds available. So, it might difficult for you to select the right breed for your pig farming business. So, while purchasing pigs look out the following signs.

• The selected pig has a pair of bright eyes.
• Has a glossy coat.
• It must have to be alert and responsive to its surrounding environment.
• Never purchase and aggressive pig.
The selected pig must have to have good temperament.
• It has good appeal to food.
• Easy and normal movement.
• Free from lameness or any other unnatural signs.

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  2. Thank you for posting this awesome article. I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment. I subscribed to your blog and shared this on my Twitter. Thanks again for a great article!

  3. Thanks for posting this awesome article. I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment. I subscribed to your blog and shared this on my Twitter. Thanks again for a great article!

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