Farming is not just an occupation or a profession; it’s more of a business, a passion and a social enterprise.

What Do You Need To Start and Succeed In Agribusiness As An Enterprise?*

Passion – {Love for what you do}
Very important to note is that passion is above all factors.
If you don’t love it, you won’t manage it.
Love what you do and make it part of you.
You will always find more reasons for not giving up no matter what happens along the way.
(This is the secret behind my Initiatives)

Time {Commitment}
You must be ready to give in your time and commitment to your agribusiness.
No more sense in telephone farming or weekend farming.
Farming like any other business needs a lot of your time to prosper. So avail yourself for your venture.

Information – {Technical support, Advisory}
You need knowledge and information to prosper in farming as a business.
You must know everything data about a project you wish to do.
Don’t be a gambler; you shouldn’t just lose your money like that.
Visit a successful farmer, Go for consultancy or use Google for some extra information.
(Our focus is helping you out on this)

Business plan – {Production, Management & Marketing}
Since this is your business, you must plan for it. After searching for a market gap Know _What to produce, Why, How, When and for Whom_
Even before you plant your first seed, make sure you can answer the above questions.

The main physical factor of production in farming.
You can buy, lease or rent land somewhere to start your farming activities.
This has been a big challenge to me and my fellow youth who don’t own land yet.

Capital – Initial Investment
This is a critical factor of any production activity.
You need some money to invest in your farming business.
You don’t invest, you don’t reap.
Don’t expect to invest 10k and earn 100M after a few months.

Market – Where to sell your produce. This is the main focus of doing business, to deliver a product to the market and get paid for it.
You must target a specific market for your produce and ensure sustainability.
This is where you think of value addition according to the market needs.
Additional to that, you must be patient, Resilient consistent and focused
If you can work on these, trust me the sky is just the point of view but never the limit to your success in Farming.
Fellow Young people let’s wake up for the un-tapped wealth and opportunities in the Agribusiness Sector.

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