Good Income from Chili

Across the world, chili is used as flavour in many dishes. In Nigeria, the southwest region people are known for their love of chili in spicing food, the urban dwellers enjoy a spread of chili in their chips and among the Africa communities; chili is a welcome addition to any food. Even though it is known for its hot spicy flavour, chili is also a great source of vitamins. Chili can be used in various forms; fresh, ground paste, sauce or powder

Many consumers prefer to have chili as a powder. Making chili powder is a good way to make money


and it does not require a lot of time to do this. Ilase women processors learned from business people who are reaping from the chili powder business through the intervention of 2scale activities in Ilase ijesha chili pepper cluster. Mrs Oloyede and Mrs Olayinka are chili processors who sell their products at a market in Ilase ijesha, Osun state. Retailers and wholesalers come from very far away to get their supplies. “They pay the children’s school fees and other household needs through sale of chilies,” says Mrs Olayinka from Otan ile has also benefited from selling chilies: “My son has already finished his studies and is now a teacher through proceeds from my chili sales.” For the several years she has been in the chili business,  has supplied customers such as restaurants, shop owners and people who frequent her little spice shop in ilase and others neighbouring villages, in osun state.


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